Azure Reference Architecture Guide - Key Features

  • App Service for APIs

  • Publish APIs to Azure App Services

  • Application Insights

  • Create Azure SQL server

  • Create Azure SQL Databases

  • Create Azure Cosmos DB

  • Create Azure Redis Cache

  • Storage Account

  • SendGrid

  • Azure Key Vault

  • Virtual Machine

  • Azure CDN

  • API Management

  • Application Gateway

  • Setup Azure AD

  • RBAC setup

  • Lock Resource Groups

  • Pricing Calculator

  • Auto scaling

  • Auto scaling using ARM template

  • Disaster recovery

  • Azure Backup

  • Site Recovery Vault

  • Configure certificates

Deploy a website to Azure with Azure App Service

Lab scenario

As a Azure cloud engineer you got a request to provision two App Service Plans with multiple websites and microservices and deploy Apps or APIs in Azure.

Technical Details

In this lab we will:

  1. Create a web app (websites) in the Azure portal
  2. Create a API app (Microservices) in the Azure portal
  3. Create ARM template script for websites
  4. Create ARM template script for APIs (Microservices)
  5. Prepare the web application code
  6. Prepare the APIs (Microservices) code
  7. Deploy website to App Service using Visual Studio
  8. Deploy APIs to App Service using Visual Studio
  9. Continuous integration/deployment for website
  10. Continuous integration/deployment for APIs
  11. Continuous integration/deployment for ARM templates
  12. How to configure web app settings


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