Azure Reference Architecture Guide - Key Features

  • App Service for APIs

  • Publish APIs to Azure App Services

  • Application Insights

  • Create Azure SQL server

  • Create Azure SQL Databases

  • Create Azure Cosmos DB

  • Create Azure Redis Cache

  • Storage Account

  • SendGrid

  • Azure Key Vault

  • Virtual Machine

  • Azure CDN

  • API Management

  • Application Gateway

  • Setup Azure AD

  • RBAC setup

  • Lock Resource Groups

  • Pricing Calculator

  • Auto scaling

  • Auto scaling using ARM template

  • Disaster recovery

  • Azure Backup

  • Site Recovery Vault

  • Configure certificates

Lab-10: ARM Template Project setup & Create Resource Group

Lab Scenario

This is the first practical session where you will learn how to setup your ARM template project in Visual Studio or VS code, commit the code to Azure Git repo and create blank ARM template and parameter files and run these ARM templates from VS code locally;


In this Lab we will discuss on following topics:

  • Create new Azure Subscriptions
  • Create new resource group using Azure Portal
    • Create new resource group using ARM template from VS 2022
    • Update initial Deploy-AzureResourceGroup.ps1 to use Az module cmdlets instead of AzureRM’s
    • Update Required -Version 5.0
    • Understand the structure and syntax of ARM templates
    • $schema update
    • Dicuss on variables in ARM templates
    • Migrate azure AzureRM to Az
  • Create new resource group using ARM template from VS code
    • Resource Manager Tools extension
  • Lock resource group


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