Azure Reference Architecture Guide - Key Features

  • App Service for APIs

  • Publish APIs to Azure App Services

  • Application Insights

  • Create Azure SQL server

  • Create Azure SQL Databases

  • Create Azure Cosmos DB

  • Create Azure Redis Cache

  • Storage Account

  • SendGrid

  • Azure Key Vault

  • Virtual Machine

  • Azure CDN

  • API Management

  • Application Gateway

  • Setup Azure AD

  • RBAC setup

  • Lock Resource Groups

  • Pricing Calculator

  • Auto scaling

  • Auto scaling using ARM template

  • Disaster recovery

  • Azure Backup

  • Site Recovery Vault

  • Configure certificates

Lab-01: Introduction & Course Overview


This is the first chapter in the Azure Reference Architecture practical guide, in this chapter we will discuss on following topics:

  • Purpose of the course
  • Website background
  • Prerequisites
  • Technology Footprint
  • Course Roadmap

Purpose of the course

  • If you are new to the Azure, you are in right spot
  • If you are looking for live project hosting experience then you are in right spot
  • Looking for Step by Step Practical Guide
  • This Reference Architecture shows the proven practices
  • Learn Theory & Practical
  • Understand Azure concepts
  • Hands on experience
    • Create azure resources
    • Automate azure resources using CI & CD


  • Azure Account

    You need Azure Portal Account to start the journey, if you are completely new to the Azure and wants to know how to create new Azure account or Tenant then you can watch this video. on How to Create New Azure Account?

    If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a free account before you begin.

  • Visual Studio Code

    Download and install Visual Studio Code for creating Azure ARM templates

  • Visual Studio 2022

    For better managing and maintaining Azure ARM templates in visual studio solution for enterprise level organization development you can download and install Visual Studio 2022.

About the Website This Azure Reference Architecture is used in the website.

Purpose of this website is to provide practical guide with real project experience along with complete material like design and documentation with Architecture diagrams and complete ARM template source code.

our aim is to save your time if you are looking for similar design in your organization.

The ARM template Source code developed as part of this exercise is easy to understand and affordable, reviewed by experts and ready to use for software developers and organizations to save time, money, and increase productivity during development.

About the iCode Lab

We will be using icodelab as company prefix throughout the Azure Reference Architecture journey icodelab Azure Reference Architecture is a Platform as a service (PaaS) meets Security and Compliance of website end users and customers. This solution consists of Azure Resource Manager templates and PowerShell scripts with pre-configured security controls which helps company to achieve compliance with PCI DSS requirements.

Technology Stack used in this lab

  • Azure Tenant or Accounts, Subscriptions, and Billing
  • Create Azure Active Directory
  • Manage access to Azure resources using RBAC
  • Create the Resource Group
  • Create Web App Service Plan
  • Create Web App, API App, Mobil App
  • Create Azure SQL Database, Cosmos DB
  • Create Storage account
  • Create Application Insights, Redis Cache
  • Create the API Management Service,
  • Create Azure Key Vault
  • Provision Azure resources via the Portal
  • Provision Azure resources via ARM JSON Templates
  • Add / Retrieving secrets to Key Vault
  • Log Analytics in Azure Monitor, Azure Search
  • Calculate Azure Pricing
  • Create API Gateway using API Management
  • Create Application Gateway, Azure DNS
  • Create VNet, Subnet with Network Security Groups

Here is a partial list of what we'll talk about in this course:

  • The Azure portal
  • Azure Compute - App Service Environment, App Service Plan, App Services, and more
  • Azure Networking - VNets, Subnets, NSG, Application Gateway and more
  • Data in Azure - Azure SQL, CosmosDB, Storage Account and more
  • Messaging in Azure - Event Grid, Queues, Service Bus, Event Hubs
  • Azure Active Directory (also known as Azure AD)
  • Logging and Monitoring in Azure
  • Securing systems in Azure
  • Cost Management
  • Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • And lots and lots more...
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