.NET Web API Clean Architecture - Key Features

  • Fluent Validation

  • Nswag With .NET Core

  • Call an external WCF Sevice

  • Consume RESTFull API

  • Integration test cases

  • Automation test cases

  • Functional Test cases

  • Performance and Load Testing

  • Redis caching

  • Azure Cosmos DB

  • JWT Token Authentication

  • JWT Refresh Token

  • JWT Authorization

  • Azure Blob storage

  • Azure Portal Access

  • Azure DevOps Access

  • Unit Testing and Code Coverage

  • Source Code Analysis

Lab-6: How to deploy .NET Core Web API to Azure from locally


In this episode we will discuss on how to create Azure App Service and Publish API from locally


In this Lab we will accomplish following:

Azure App Service

  • Explain Setup Azure Portal account process
  • Explain different ways of creating Azure App Service
  • Create Azure resource group - aklab-rg-dev
  • Create an Azure App Service Plan - aklab-aspln-dev
  • Create an Azure App Service - feedback-api-dev
  • Create Azure Key Vault - aklab-kv-dev
  • Publish / Deploy API into App Service
  • Troubleshooting API issues after publish
  • Create managed Identity
  • Provide key vault access to the API
  • Add missing API swagger xml file
  • Walk throw of App Service Advance Tools (Kudu portal)
  • Show the App Settings location in Azure
  • Show the Event Logs location in Azure
  • Show the Site files location in Azure
  • Launch Swagger URL
  • Enable App Service Logs for Log stream access
  • Configure Azure App Service logging in program.cs
  • Show supported runtime versions
  • Show current runtime version
  • Set runtime version
  • Access environment variables
  • Get detailed exceptions page
  • Access diagnostic logs

Azure SQL database

  • Create SQL Database server (aklab-sqlserver-dev)
  • Create SQL Database (feedbacksdev)
  • Publish database from VS 2019 into Azure SQL database
  • Get the Public IP address of the laptop
  • Configure a SQL server firewall rule
  • Change the target platform of SQL database project
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