.NET Web API Clean Architecture - Key Features

  • Fluent Validation

  • Nswag With .NET Core

  • Call an external WCF Sevice

  • Consume RESTFull API

  • Integration test cases

  • Automation test cases

  • Functional Test cases

  • Performance and Load Testing

  • Redis caching

  • Azure Cosmos DB

  • JWT Token Authentication

  • JWT Refresh Token

  • JWT Authorization

  • Azure Blob storage

  • Azure Portal Access

  • Azure DevOps Access

  • Unit Testing and Code Coverage

  • Source Code Analysis

Lab-5: CRUD Operations In ASP.NET Core Web API with Entity Framework Core


In this episode we will discuss on how to create SQL Server Database Project and Entity Framework CRUD Operations


In this Lab we will accomplish following:

SQL Server Database Project

  • Create new Git repo for Database project
  • Clone the git repo
  • Add .gitignore file
  • Add .gitattribute file
  • Create SQL server database project
  • Create database project folder structure
  • Create files for tables, stored procs, lookupdata etc..
  • Create post deployment script files
  • Create Pre deployment script file
  • Create feedback table script with Primary Key
  • Create Script for Lookup data
  • Create Sample Change Script file
  • Publish SQL database local SQL instance
  • Commit changes into remote Git repo

Entity Framework CRUD Operations

  • API request flow discussion
  • Install Nuget Packages for EF Core
  • Setup Dependency injection
  • Setup Entity Framework Core DbContext
  • Create Repository & Interface
  • Implement Read Operation -GetFeedbacks endpoint
  • Implement Read Operation – GetFeedbackById endpoint
  • Implement Create Operation – CreateFeedback endpoint
  • Implement Delete Operation – DeleteFeedback endpoint
  • Implement Update Operation– UpdateFeedback endpoint
  • Map Db Entities into Dto models
  • Add exception handling in Service class
  • Add swagger description at endpoint level in controller
  • Add automapper reverser mapping for Create endpoint
  • Test API endpoints using swagger
  • Discuss basic API best practices


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