.NET Web API Clean Architecture - Key Features

  • Fluent Validation

  • Nswag With .NET Core

  • Call an external WCF Sevice

  • Consume RESTFull API

  • Integration test cases

  • Automation test cases

  • Functional Test cases

  • Performance and Load Testing

  • Redis caching

  • Azure Cosmos DB

  • JWT Token Authentication

  • JWT Refresh Token

  • JWT Authorization

  • Azure Blob storage

  • Azure Portal Access

  • Azure DevOps Access

  • Unit Testing and Code Coverage

  • Source Code Analysis

Lab-4.1: Health Checks in .NET Core 5 REST API


In this episode we will discuss on How to implement Health Checks in APIs


In this Lab we will accomplish following:

  • Introduction to Health Check
  • Install Health Check nuget packages
  • basic health check config in Statup.cs
  • Add SQL Database health check
  • Add Remote Health Check
  • Add Memory Health Check
  • Add Add UrlGroup
  • Add healthcheck-ui
  • Customize default Health Check UI
  • Add Redis Health Check (future)
  • Add Azure Storage (future)
  • Azure Key Vault Health Check (future)
  • Add Azure DocumentDb Health check (future)
  • Add Kubernetes Health Check (future)

Nuget Packages

  • AspNetCore.HealthChecks.AzureStorage
  • AspNetCore.HealthChecks.SqlServer
  • AspNetCore.HealthChecks.UI
  • AspNetCore.HealthChecks.UI.Client
  • AspNetCore.HealthChecks.UI.InMemory.Storage
  • AspNetCore.HealthChecks.Uris


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