.NET Web API Clean Architecture - Key Features

  • Fluent Validation

  • Nswag With .NET Core

  • Call an external WCF Sevice

  • Consume RESTFull API

  • Integration test cases

  • Automation test cases

  • Functional Test cases

  • Performance and Load Testing

  • Redis caching

  • Azure Cosmos DB

  • JWT Token Authentication

  • JWT Refresh Token

  • JWT Authorization

  • Azure Blob storage

  • Azure Portal Access

  • Azure DevOps Access

  • Unit Testing and Code Coverage

  • Source Code Analysis

Lab-3: ASP.NET Core Web API Basic Configuration


This is Episode-2 of the sequence of videos on “.NET Core Web API Architecture”. It is always recommended to watch the previous episodes before start the new episode.

In this episode I’ve discussed development tools required start the development journey and how to setup Azure DevOps project and Git repo.

I’ve started with Feedback service as an example to start the journey.


In this Lab we will accomplish following:

  1. Prerequisite (development tools)
  2. Create Azure DevOps project icodeforu
  3. Create new Git Repo FeedbackService
  4. Clone source code from Git
    • Git clone https://keesari.visualstudio.com/icodeforu/_git/feedbackservice -b main C:\Source\Repos\FeedbackService
  5. Open projects in admin mode

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