Architecture Guide

We Provide Reference Architecture Guide along with source code which is easy to understand and affordable, this source code is reviewed by experts and ready to use for software developers and organizations to save time, money, and increase productivity during design and development of the applications.

If you need access to this source code along with documents, PPTs (Step by Step Practical Guide) and Azure Portal access or Azure DevOps access please contact us on email address or phone number or WhatsApp number.


We provide the architectural design on following products along with working source code and complete documentation.

.NET Web API Clean Architecture
A RESTful API is an architectural style for an application program interface (API) that uses HTTP requests to access and use data. **Overview** - Welcome to `.NET Core We...
Azure Reference Architecture Guide
Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular public clouds in the industry. Thousands of organizations, from all sizes and shapes, are moving to the cloud, and being able to w...
Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)
Kubernetes, also known as K8s, is an open-source container orchestration system for automating software deployment, scaling, and management. Originally, Google designed Kube...
Technology Stack used in the Architectures

Blazor FundamentalsHosting modelsProject structureLayout, Razor componentsBlazor Form & ValidationCall REST API from BlazorSecurity & IdentityBlazor CRUD, Pagination & SortingEvent handling & Data bindingRouting, Dependency InjectionLifecycle MethodsInvoke JavaScript FunctionsGlobalization and localizationFile uploadsFile downloads
.NET Core Web API Scalable Project structureWeb API Clean Architecture Dependency InjectionMiddleware & Routing ConfigurationWeb API Versioning & filtering, paginationAPI Request Model ValidationException handling, Logging using NlogCaching using RedisConfigure Swagger & using NSwagAutomapperRepository PatternEntity Framework Core & LINQ queriesSecurity & IdentifyAuthorization, AuthenticationData protection, Secrets managementUnit & Integration testing using Xunit, Moq, AutoFixurePerformance Load and Stress testingMicroservices ArchitectureInvoking Legacy webservices
Azure DevOps
Azure BoardsAzure ReposAzure PipelinesAzure Test PlansAzure ArtifactsYAML SchemaBuild, Test, & deploy .NET Core apps to AzureBuild, Test, & deploy React JS apps to AzureBuild, Test, & deploy Blazor apps to AzureBuild & deploy Azure SQL database using [DACPAC]Validate and deploy ARM TemplatesGit Clone, Code review with Pull requestPrivat Agent configuration, Approvals, ArtifactContinuous integration (CI)Continuous Delivery (CD)Release variables, Replace TokensSecurity setup in Azure DevOps
Azure Cloud
Azure Accounts, Subscriptions, and BillingManage access to Azure resources using RBACCreate Resource GroupsCreate Azure App Service Plan & ASECreate Web App, API App, Mobil AppCreate Azure SQL Database, Cosmos DBCreate Storage accountApplication InsightsRedis CacheAzure API ManagementCreate Azure Key Vault for secretsProvision Azure resources via ARM Templates & PortalAzure Monitor & Log AnalyticsCalculate Azure PricingCreate API Gateway using API ManagementCreate Azure Application GatewayCreate VNet, Subnet with Network Security Groups
React JS
Fundamentals, Babel, WebpackScalable Project SetupJSX, ES6, RxJS, RoutingReact JS -with Redux React JS- with TypeScriptHigher Order Components & ContainersProps, State & LifecycleForms, Handling events with ValidationBootstrap, CSS, SassUnite testing with JestNPM, Node.js, JavaScript
Development Tools
Visual Studio 2022/2019Visual Studio CodeSQL Server Management Studio, SQL ProfilerNode JS, NPM, Notepad++ Postman, SOAP UIBrower Developer ToolsAgile & Scrum with JIRA or Azure BoardNuget Manager, GitHub DesktopOpen SSLJSON Viewer/Formatter, JWT debugger, SAML-TracerAzure Storage Explorer
Testing Area
Create BDDs with SpectFlowUnit testing with XUnit, Moq & AutoFixure.Automate Unit test cases in Azure Build PipelineAutomate BDD test cases in Azure Build PipelineUI test with SeleniumReview test resultsTest AnalyticsReview & Report code coverage resultsAPI Automation testing using SOAP UI Create Regression test suite Create Smoke / Sanity test suite
Network Testing Tools
Ipconfig - Used to get the IP address Ping - Used to send signals to another device on the network to see if it is active.Trace route - Used to see the step by step route a packet takes to the destination.nslookup - used to check firewall, fetches the DNS records for given domain name or IP addressTelnet - connection and communication with a remote or local host via the Telnet TCP/IP protocol.Netstat - used to view of active ports on your machine and their status. This helps user to understand which ports are open, closed, or listening for incoming connections.
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